Villas Ibiza Rentals | Peaceful Beaches to Visit in Can Pep Simo in Ibiza Town

Villas Ibiza Rentals | Peaceful Beaches to Visit in Can Pep Simo in Ibiza Town

Villas Ibiza has a luxurious villa- Villa Ella, which is situated between the serene landscapes and beaches named Talamanca & S’Estanyol.

Talamanca Beach:

Situated on the north side of Ibiza, Talamanca is the picturesque & perfect beach to visit near the Can Pep Simo which is a relaxed countryside area away from the bustle of Ibiza City. One can visit the beach in just 15 minutes from Ibiza Town prolonged with the white and soft sand. Locally it is known as the "beach of Ibiza Town" and the beach is so wide that even in the high season, one can find their own space. More tranquil and serene than other resorts, the beach has crystal clear water which is perfect for a swim. This place is felt with the joy and calmness under the sun and enjoying the book you were waiting to read for so long!

Amenities: Sunbeds, restaurants, lifeguards, bars, parking, showers, massage, pets allowed in the off-season on weekdays, access for the disabled, Promenade, parasols.  

Adventures: Kayaks, Pedalos, SUP (stand up paddle) & Jet skis.

Size: The Talamanca beach is 25 meters wide & 900 meters long.  

How one can reach the beach?

One can take a bus, ferry, or car from Ibiza Town or take a relaxed stroll beside the seafront from the Marina Botafoch and from the port area, it is just a 15 minutes walk. For the car parking, it is available close to the beach.

To avoid the hot sand, the wooden boardwalk situated at the length of the Talamanca beach which is passing over the promenade on the left end of the bay. There is an exemplary number of restaurants & bars, some are open the whole year, therefore, Talamanca is very popular in the winter months around the warm sun.

S’Estanyol Beach:

A small secluded cove surrounded by the rock cliffs & green lush foliage. Enjoy the sunbed which is settled on the sand and one can swim & snorkel near the rocks to check the hidden underwater caves. The edge of the S’Estanyol is made up of pebbles so one has to be cautious to avoid hurting their feet. Do not forget to take goggles before diving to get immersed in the waters in search of the varied marine species. When you under the water, there is a perfect temperature to blend yourself into nature. S'Estanyol belongs to the municipality of Santa Eulalia about four kilometers away near Ibiza city.

Amenities: Restaurants, Loungers, & parasols.

Adventures: Snorkeling - take your flippers and mask.

Size: The S'Estanyol beach is 30 metres wide & 50 metres long.  

How one can reach the beach?

One can take a bicycle or car. From the Ibiza Town, drive to the Jesús and turn right to the church. Get to the main street through the village and turn left when you see the rocks with the beach name. Traverse till the Cala Bonita and turn right. And plus point is parking is free!  

Villa to rent at Can Pep Simo, Ibiza Town : Villa Ella

Sea, Sunsets & Mountains - The Villa has a perfect blend of nature and this 8 bedroom villa offers the full entertainment area to enjoy your vacation with entertainment and relaxation. Explore the beaches, sunset and rent villas in ibiza.

The Villa Ella is situated in an incredible location to get the picturesque views of Talamanca & S’Estanyol Beaches.


The stunning 8+ bedrooms with luxurious accommodation, a vast pool area, and distinct terraces & outdoor dining.  

Main House:

The spacious lounge area and separate dining area with a cozy snug to chill and relax. This fantastic entertaining area leads to the equipped open kitchen and a large terrace that offers an extensive dining area and amazing views across the pool & terraces.

This villa contains eight bedrooms & ten bathrooms and can accommodate more than 20 people.

Guest House:

The Separate guest house is situated from the main villa and contains a bedroom with an en suite bathroom. There is also one additional space for the office and staff room.

Outdoor Area:

One can view the infinity pool from the hills inside the Can Pep Simo. This location has not only the serene views of both the Talamanca and S'estanyol beaches but also they are close to the villa.

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