The Advantage of Buying Villa in Ibiza in 2021 | Villas Ibiza

The Advantage of Buying Villa in Ibiza in 2021 | Villas Ibiza

The market of Ibiza is surging due to various factors from its Greenland to water bodies, which is popular among the riches and people who want to explore the world.

The Ibiza which is famous all over the world, is gaining popularity in the real estates market creating the high demand for the properties and villas. Ibiza is the Spanish Island besides the Mediterranean Sea at the eastern coast in Spain. Ibiza is well known among youth for its luxurious lifestyle and entertainment, well the spanish government is working more in the family-oriented tourism.

The island is popular because of the people from new markets such as Belgium, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Poland. As Ibiza has luxurious villas with the high-tech amenities, location marketing is proliferating by the celebrities who are visiting the island and making this island a spotlight around the world.  

High demand for property in Future:

In the next five years, the ibiza will attract from most highest paying countries from America, Asia to the Middle East. Many luxurious companies are entering the market of the ibiza from interior, designing, technology or entertainment. Due to the advancements and innovation in the 5 star hotels and tourisms, the prices will be booming in the future creating the demand from all over the world.

Low interest rates:

The European government has initiated various programs and development to increase the economy from Ibiza Island. The European central bank has provoked the low interest rates to surge the sales and rents in the ibiza which will escalate the housing market in the Spain. For instance, there was an average growth rate of 16.6% for the real estates investments in 2020.

Private Equity Groups:

Total ibiza market has reached €253 million in the 2017, in which 66% of transactions are followed by the high-earning individuals from  superstars to footballers. For instance, late footballer Christiano Ronaldo brand called Pestana CR7 has owned the four hotels in the ibiza like Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza City, and Playa d'en Bossa.

Surge in ROI:

The estimated growth in prices of the ibiza has increased to 25%, i.e, the prices of the property you bought in the 2016 for € 500 would proliferate to € 650.652 by 2021. The ROI owning this property will be 150.652. This physical asset will bring 30% return on every investment!

In Conclusion,

Investing in the Ibiza property has ample number of benefits from Triple amount of ROI which is greater than those of the European market, investing in one of the highest growing real estate market where you can get the handsome amount of annual income from renting the place to the most rich people for their holidays, vacation or any event.

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